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If you have questions about hiring concrete contractors, check out the following questions and answers. If you need additional help, feel free to give us a call to discuss any concreting needs you may have.
Q: What are the benefits to having a concrete driveway?
A: Using concrete for your driveway, as well as a number of other outdoor additions, can add to the aesthetics of your home while also upping its value. Concrete will keep your vehicle out of the mud, making it easier to clean. It also offers space for biking or skating, and adds to the outward appeal of your home’s façade.
Q: How do you care for a concrete driveway or patio?
Q: How long before I can park on a concrete driveway once it’s poured?
Q: What is exposed aggregate?
Q: Does coloured concrete maintain its colour over time? How can I keep it looking vibrant?