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Concreting — Basso Concreting in Alice Springs, NT
Basso Concreting has been serving the Alice Springs area for over 20 years, and for good reason. Our team is committed to only providing the highest quality services using locally made materials and fine aggregate that is made to last over time. Our concrete driveways are smooth and sturdy, and we provide a solid finish that can stand up to rainy weather and the hot summer sun. We also have a wide range of colours and textures, so you can customise your driveway to look just the way you want.

Why choose concrete driveways or pathways?


There are many reasons to choose concrete driveways over other materials. They’re highly durable and designed for last for decades, or longer, without losing their sense of style. With proper maintenance, your driveway can last for the life of your home and beyond! Concrete materials are also highly versatile, and can be dyed or stamped to reflect almost any colour or texture you need. You’ll also find that today’s concrete driveways are attractive enough to become part of your landscaping, and they provide a solid, clean surface for parking your car out of the mud, letting kids ride their bikes or skates, and more.
We not only provide concrete driveways, but also concrete pathways, decorative concrete, and polished concrete. We’ll provide concrete slabs and other flat surfaces as well, such as patios. We use only the finest materials and locally owned, pre-mixed aggregates, so you can rest assured that when you hire Basso Concreting you’re getting the best of the best. Give us a call, and one of our experts will be out there to measure your space, discuss what aesthetic features you desire, and offer an accurate quote.